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  1. Ian

    Exclusive Burp Suite Pro v2022.12.5

    Professional / Community 2022.12.5 This release contains a bug fix for Burp's diagnostics. Previously, Burp was not returning details of the installed extensions in its diagnostics reports. We have fixed this issue, and all installed extensions are now listed.
  2. Ian

    Exclusive Burp Suite Pro v2022.11.3

    Dastardly 2022.12.1 + Crack This release significantly improves Dastardly's resilience and provides increased support for a wider range of applications, especially SPAs. Most importantly, we've fundamentally changed the way Dastardly's scanner navigates using its built-in browser. As a result...
  3. Ian

    Exclusive Burp Bounty Pro v2.3

    Burp Bounty Pro Burp Bounty Free Smart Scan - Quick issues information: When Burp Bounty Pro detect one vulnerability you're informed at the moment Normal issues information: When Burp Bounty detect one vulnerability you're informed when all profiles are launches and finished. Basic...
  4. Ian

    Exclusive Burp Suite Pro v2022.2.1

    Burp Suite Professional is the web security tester's toolkit of choice. Use it to automate repetitive testing tasks - then dig deeper with its expert-designed manual and semi-automated security testing tools. Burp Suite Professional can help you to test for OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities - as...
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