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  1. 00sanoj00

    XCIPTV XCIPTV-V6 | RTX MOD | GIF Ads | Unlimited DNS | Hardcoded | MOD V2 6.0

    XCIPTV-V6 | RTX MOD | GIF Ads | Unlimited DNS | Hardcoded Introduction: Requirements: How to Add / Remove / Change DNS How to Add / Remove / Change Advertisement Other settings: Screen Shot If you want to get the Rebrand service from me in some way, contact me Criticism or...
  2. 00sanoj00

    Showcase XCIPTV V6- RTX Mod | GIF Ads | Unlimited DNS | Mod V2

    XCIPTV V6- RTX Mod | GIF Ads | Unlimited DNS | Mod V2 Main features : Unlimited DNS (Admin panel or Hardcoded) Support for GIF animation ads (jpg and png are also supported) Support for hardcoding ads Support for hardcoding DNS Ability to modify ads through admin panel Ability to encrypt...
  3. Ian

    Medium How-to Null & Panel XCIPTV Apps

    In this little Tutorial I'm going to run through some basics of how people currently Null and Panel the Official XCIPTV Apps and Rebrands. Step one; Prepare your working Environment There are a few different apps that people like to use when modifying APK's but for this tutorial we will be...
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