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  1. Ian

    Exclusive JEB Decompiler

    Requirements: JDK 11.0.X 64 bit, 64-bit OS mod by CXV Press Generate a Key in welcome window - fix all integrity checks\timebomb - Time-limited sessions fixed - Requires an Internet connection fixed - dexdec: fix string decrypt via emulation - dexdec: instruction conversion recovered -...
  2. Brain

    Snippet Davlik Opcodes

    Opcode (hex) Opcode name Explanation Example 00 nop No operation 0000 - nop 01 move vx,vy Moves the content of vy into vx. Both registers must be in the first 256 register range. 0110 - move v0, v1 Moves v1 into v0. 02 move/from16 vx,vy Moves the content of vy into vx. vy may be in the 64k...
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