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  1. D

    Question Smarters Webplayer 2.0

    Running Smarters Webplayer with 2.0 panel. I seem to be missing something in the configuration. When I go to movies i get "error code 102 something went wrong contact your service provider" What am I missing?
  2. D

    Question Smarters Webplayer configuration

    Hello trying to configure smarters webplayer. what is Portal Identifier and portal link in webplayer admin? portal link i am using my url iptv server (on laptop) live tv works TV series works movies error code 102 (on phone) live tv playback error tv series nothing...
  3. billnario

    Question WEBPLAYER Smarters IPTV -v1.5_decrypter

    Hello guys, I have a problem that I've been trying to solve since early, my server keeps giving this error in ajax but only in movies/series, the live tv works normally, I use this version 1.5 that I acquired right here on the forum, could someone help me ? Failed to load resource: the server...
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