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  1. OxBoxUK

    Resource Hosting Files For Download

    Alot of people have been using rather awkward download sites across this forum. This results in a lot of click bait on webpages which can cause ether viruses or back door inclucion which could result in data transfer and loss of data of the downloader. I have used the following site for a...
  2. BossMedia

    Tool MT Manager v2.11.5 (MOD) (Full Unlocked) 2.11.5

    MT Manager v2.11.5 (MOD) (Full Unlocked) MT Manager is an awesome tool that helps you to manage all the files on your phone. This is the best app to manage all your files and documents easily. Nowadays we all have hundreds or thousands of files and other documents on our devices and managing...
  3. BossMedia

    Tool NP Manager 5.5.0 (Untouched) 5.5.0

    The description of NP Manager App Key Features: ● ALL File Formats Supported: New files, Downloads, Videos, Audios, Images, Apps, Docs and Archives ● Quickly check both internal and external storage including SD card, USB OTG ● FTP (File Transfer Protocol) : access your Android device storage...
  4. BossMedia

    Tool MT Manager 2.11.6 (Mod -VIP Unlocked) 2.11.6

    The flexible tool MT Manager MOD APK makes it easy to manage files or the complete structure of the device, including copying and manipulating folders. The most striking feature is its built-in editor’s capacity to interfere with programs while also making it easy to alter apk files. When...
  5. BossMedia

    Tool MT Manager 2.11.9 (Untouched) 2.11.9

    MT MANAGER APP MT Manager is a very powerful file manager and apk editor, you can use it to do a lot of things on your phone, such asmanaging files, modifying software, translating applications, editing text and so on. The main functions are: – Portrait mode (landscape only in places) – FTP...
  6. cosmo

    Tool SCRIPT SMARTSTB V3 2022-08-01

    -SCRIPT SMART STB V3 CONTROLS INSTALLATION ON UBUNTU 18.04----------------- COMMAND 1 : sudo apt-get update -y COMMAND 2 : sudo apt install nginx COMMAND 3 : sudo ufw app list COMMAND 4 : sudo ufw allow 'Nginx HTTP' COMMAND 5 : sudo ufw status COMMAND 6 : systemctl status nginx...
  7. Ian

    Untouched MT Manager 2.11.0

    - Text editor uses a new highlighting engine and supports .mts custom syntax highlighting - Added "Jump to another bracket" and "Select content between brackets" for text editor shortcuts - Optimized display of progress information in process of moving files - Significantly improved speed of...
  8. Brain

    Resource XUI 1.5.5 Decoded

    Brain submitted a new resource: XUI 1.5.5 Decoded - Decoded files from XUI 1.5.5 Read more about this resource...
  9. Brain

    Resource XUI Licence files

    Brain submitted a new resource: XUI Licence files - Decoded Licence Files Read more about this resource...
  10. Ian

    Femto Project Femto Project API + Website Leak 2022-04-05

    Once upon a time, Femto Project messed up and leaked their files. - Ian.
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