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  1. AaronS161

    Question LTQ DELUXE

    I've come across a version of LTQ Deluxe, which I'm more than happy to share. The problem is I'm not sure on how to find where to change the dns/panel url. Anyone any pointers? Do I just upload it and let someone go mad with it?
  2. Brain

    VIP Cockpit QD Extra: Get Sports Events

    This 'script' uses IPTVApps - | Free Crowd-Sourced Sports API with Artwork and Metadata API to find and fill Events for the QD App quickly. You must add an existing M3U playlist and replace <API KEY> with your own thesportsdb API key. *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient...
  3. Ian

    Leak LTQ Deluxe Reseller Theme Collection

    Full Collection of the LTQ Deluxe reseller themes. rename to .zip to view contents of .qth archive.
  4. Ian

    Showcase LTQ Deluxe

    Key Features: Built-in Notifications - Can set to open a stream/movie/series/url - Can use ad Ad Space - Can edit from panel. Built-in Sports Guide - Can set Team Logos - Can set what Stream to open - Can edit from panel. Built-in App Store - Can serve any apps from panel. Built-in...
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