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  1. Ian

    Leak All XCIPTV Rebrands [01/10/2022]

    Credit to the Scraper posted on the Forums: Here is a complete list of Official rebrands from XCIPTV. Recent but Notable Versions: 6.0-v6001 (old) 5.0.1-v724-726 5.0.1-v724-727 5.0.1-v723-728 5.0.1-v730-731
  2. Ian

    Medium How-to Null & Panel XCIPTV Apps

    In this little Tutorial I'm going to run through some basics of how people currently Null and Panel the Official XCIPTV Apps and Rebrands. Step one; Prepare your working Environment There are a few different apps that people like to use when modifying APK's but for this tutorial we will be...
  3. Ian

    XCIPTV XCIPTV 5.0.1-724 5.0.1-724

    This is the official copy of XCIPTV (OR Player) v724 from: Removed native calls (No silly Lib edits). Simplified Rebrandable edits. Editable Appname + Package. [Appname: "OR Playes", Package: "com.nathnetwork.orplayes"] Note...
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