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  1. E

    Panelled Smarters ADS with Sports + Panel smarters3.1.5.1 2022-10-14

    Smarters ADS with Sports, first of all thank to @FireTVGuru for the panel files, credits to @Leode for the app the panel I did not have the sports option added
  2. G

    Question webView

    Hi anyone had a shot of branching on from sportsguide and adding more Web based material. I'd love to add more options to my apps. I currently have it working by opening externally but would love to see what else I need to do to open like sports guide does in xc as I'd look at using that process...
  3. Vilhao

    Resource Add Sports Agenda to apk simple code

    Vilhao submitted a new resource: Add Sports Agenda to apk simple code - Code Add Sports Agenda to apk Read more about this resource...
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