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  1. L

    Modded Smarters Windows Player With Remote DNS 2023-08-08

    Hello friends, Before we start the process, we need to install nodejs on our computer. URL : IPTVApps - Node.js KINGTV : After installing node js on our computer, extract the KING TV application from the rar. Open the Resources folder. now while the folder is open, hold the shift key, right...
  2. asad88

    Untouched Convert APK TO AAB File on Windows

    Convert APK TO AAB File on Windows This will change the APK into an AAB file. Since every file is encoded with protocol-buffers 49, there is no way to modify an aab file, but we can easily edit an apk file. Consequently, this procedure will turn a modified apk into an aab file...
  3. jacirmenon

    Resource IPTVnator - A cross plattform IPTV Player

    PTVnator - IPTV Player Application A cross plattform IPTV Player IPTVnator is a video player application that provides support for the playback of IPTV playlists (m3u, m3u8). The application allows to import playlists by using remote URLs or per file upload from the file system. Additionally...
  4. M

    Resource Easily convert Apk to Aab, Aab to Apk on windows . (114Mb)

    MedyXmen submitted a new resource: Easily convert Apk to Aab, Aab to Apk on windows . (114Mb) - Easily convert Apk to Aab, Aab to Apk on windows . (114Mb) Read more about this resource...
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