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  1. D

    XtreamUI Xtream UI for Ubuntu 18.04 20.04 22.04

    Xtream UI for Ubuntu 18.04 20.04 22.04 Debian 10 11 CentOS 8 Fedora 34 35 36 install 1) New installation the Xtream UI on Ubuntu 18.04/20.04/22.04 Debian 10/11 CentOS 8 Fedora 34/35/36 2) To upgrade an existing Panel only, with a backup of the /admin & /pytools directories in *.old in case...
  2. neutroiptvplayer

    Tutorial Now you can get the free Rebranded app Demo before making any payments.

    Yes, It is true. Now you can get the free Demo of your actual rebranded app and get the .apk file with your logo and then try and test. No need to make any payments. How to get the free Demo Rebranded app? Step 1: Go to https://panel2.neutroiptvplayer.com and register yourself. Step 2: Click...
  3. Rio

    IPTV Stream Player Xtream IPTV Player / Panel Version v3

    Xtream Player panel version. Love this app. Really love it now that it is paneled. I posted a picture of the APK edit to point it at the panel. Search for http://yourhost.com/api/ Make sure you leave the /api/ on the end. Look in the file inside the folder...
  4. N

    Answer best ondemand size

    356000 best ondemand size best working sound issue is 100% resolved and super fast connection
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