Netflix TV  (FLIX IPTV 3.8)

Resource Netflix TV (FLIX IPTV 3.8) 3.8

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Elite member
Apr 5, 2022
Dublin Ireland
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Anto101 submitted a new resource:

Netflix TV (FLIX IPTV 3.8) - Netflix Style Flix IPTV Apk (with intro) & Panel

Netflix TV with decrypted panel also Netflix TV branded. Same lib edits as all other versions of flix iptv knocking around.
Zip contains
Netflix TV (FLIX IPTV 3.8) APK
Decrypted Netflix TV Panel.
Only credit I can take is cosmetic edits, tutorial video, decrypt and rebrand of original panel.
As panel is decrypted no longer need for ioncube and sourceguardian I believe.

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Staff member
Mar 11, 2022
Any feedback on this greatly appreciated =)
I havent installed/used the app but the design from the images posted looks very nice and well thought out.
I don't use MAC apps but if I was to give this to my user base I imagine they would snap it up from downloads.

Great work though and keep it up man, look forward to seeing what other designs you come up with.
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Apr 30, 2022
Quick question, on some device ie cheap android box and fire stick lite.
The tutorial page come in after 3-7 days of login, those this app those the same?
And is the 23456.php file have been change
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