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Stable Branch Changelog​

Note that customers with an active support license can access more frequent updates in the dev channel. This changelog only includes stable build milestones.

3.3.3996 (2023-01-18)​

Decompiler Improvements
• Parameter Rejection
• Improved Objective-C
• Automatic Outlining


Type Interactions
• Create Array Dialog
• Import/Export Header
• Enumeration Chooser

More Windows Improvements
• SEH Prolog/Epilog Inlining
• Type Libraries and Signatures

Enterprise Improvements
• Named Snapshots
• SAML Support

UI Updates
• Feature: Add setting to allow you to hide type casts
• Feature: Add ability to restore layouts and locations for all sync/no-sync groups
• Feature: Added sticky header on LinearView to ensure function’s header is always visible
• Improvement: Updated to Qt 6.4.1
• Improvement: History for find dialog search queries
• Improvement: Analysis will now automatically start after cancelling an analysis hold
• Improvement: Hide unused tag types in the tag list
• Fix: Navigation from cross references in HLIL and related views
• Fix: UI Hang when attempting to display very large empty structures
• Fix: Occasional crash of UI due to Qt bug
• Fix: Occasional crashes from missing null check in various dialogs
• Fix: Occasional crash when resetting filter options from strings view
• Fix: Occasional crash when functions are removed
• Fix: Occasional crash when closing find or goto dialog
• Fix: Bug where pane would switch to the wrong view
• Fix: Make TriageView update as analysis updates (exports, base address, etc.)Hide Casts >
• Fix: COMBINE expression in Pseudo-C
• Fix: Crash when creating an array of void in LinearView
• Fix: Some cases were LinearView display became stale
• Fix: Escape characters are now shown in StringsView
• Fix: Issue where some symbols could be hidden after database save/restore

Binary View Improvements
• Improvement: Parse and handle Chained Fixup in Mach-Os
• Improvement: Add setting for max number of entries in ELF section header array
• Improvement: PE better parsing and DataVariable creation of various structures
• Fix: Macho Fix an issue with processing Chained Fixups in binaries with split segments
• Fix: Macho Fix an issue with processing of DYLD_CHAINED_PTR_ARM64E_KERNEL format fixups
• Fix: Macho Fix an issue with processing DYLD_CHAINED_PTR_START_NONE

• Feature: Automatically un-inline compiler builtin expressions operating on constant data (memcpy, strcpy, memset, etc)
• Feature: Automatic detection of SEH Prolog and Epilog functions
• Improvement: Greatly improved heuristics for detecting parameters of external function calls
• Improvement: Disjoint variable analysis (leads to better decompilation)
• Improvement: Objective-C analysis now creates types for classes and defines their ivars
• Improvement: Automatically add function for resolvers stub in .plt sections
• Improvement: Dataflow for partial access of unsigned ranges
• Improvement: Dataflow for partial variable value overwrites
• Improvement: Dataflow support for offset partial value of signed ranges
• Improvement: Many other dataflow fixes and improvements
• Improvement: Function signature libraries for ucrt
• Improvement: Dataflow Add support for constant propagation through partially defined registers.
• Improvement: Add support for Virtual Thunks in the MS demangler
• Improvement: Add this pointer in some MS demangler cases
• Fix: Issue where some cross references in structures wouldn’t be populated
• Fix: Issue causing every function symbol imported through the DebugInfo API (PDBs in particular) to be marked as exported (• GlobalSymbolBinding)
• Fix: Many bugs in creating of types by the PDB plugin
• Fix: Variadic function types created by the PDB plugin
• Fix: Some structure parameter locations in function created by the PDB plugin
• Fix: Handling of multiple symbols at the same address created by the PDB plugin
• Fix: Crash parsing empty string
• Fix: Crash in tailcall analysis when a block has no source block

• New API: TypeLibrary APIs for C++
• New API: MetadataChoiceDialog class
• New API: BinaryView::GetDependencySortedTypes
• New API: TypePrinter::PrintAllTypes
• New API: Type::IsVolatile
• New API: MLIL/HLIL replace_expr
• New API: Function.inline_during_analysis
• New API: Snapshot::SetName
• New API: EnterpriseServer::IsFloatingLicense
• Improvement: Add support for comparison operators in parse_expression
• Improvement: Add support for custom magic values in parse_expression
• Improvement: Prevent creation of structures larger than INT64_MAX
• Improvement: Updated Rust version for Rust API
• Improvement: Add TypesContainer to Python UI bindings
• Deprecation: Section.__len__ in favor of Section.length as python doesn’t support returning UINT64_MAX from this API
• Fix: Regression in BasicBlock.outgoing_edges/incoming_edges source/target
• Fix: import_library_type, import_library_object were implemented incorrectly
• Fix: Prevent integer overflow in Structure::AddMemberAtOffset
• Fix: Crash when post-processing empty set of lines
• Fix: Many type hint improvements
• Fix: Function.set_call_type_adjustment
• Fix: is not settable

• Armv7/Thumb2: Many fixes that greatly improve linear sweep accuracy
• Arm64: Fixed the R_AARCH64_PREL64, R_AARCH64_ADD_ABS_LO12_NC, R_AARCH64_CALL26, and R_AARCH64_JUMP26 relocations

• Feature: Support overriding the current instruction pointer
• Feature: Show stack traces in the stack frame widget
• Feature: Suspend/resume threads
• Feature: List threads in other locations
• Feature: List running processes when attaching to a PID
• Feature: New action to create a stack view in a new panel
• Feature: Support using register values in the expression parser
• Improvement: Double-clicking a breakpoint navigates to its address
• Improvement: Show the end address of modules in the modules widget
• Improvement: Add jump to instruction pointer action to debugger menu
• Improvement: New setting for enabling/disabling stack annotations
• Improvement: Properly detect LLDB launch failure
• Improvement: Rework the stack frame widget. Support navigating to ip, sp, and fp from it
• Improvement: Properly handle step return failures in LLDB
• Improvement: Add keybindings to the tooltip of control buttons
• Improvement: Improvement to the register Python API
• Improvement: Update the register widget after editing the register value from the Python API
• Improvement: Abort the analysis on the live view before quitting or detaching the target
• Improvement: New setting (debugger.aggressiveAnalysisUpdate) for whether to mark the entire binary view as modified when the target stops
• Fix: Crash when sending stdin input using DebuggerController.write_stdin
• Fix: Not saving command line arguments into the database
• Fix: LLDB is unable to launch the target locally after disconnecting from a debug server
• Fix: Register name/value column width not wide enough in some situations
• Fix: Debugger modules list last column does not stretch
• Fix: Debugger not navigating to the entry point after relaunching the target
• Fix: Hang when repeatedly stepping very fast
• Fix: Cannot read low addresses in the debugger binary view
• Fix: DbgEng fails to launch the target when the .exe file name is different from the PDB file name
• Fix: LLDB fails to launch ELF binary which has no dynamic loader
• Fix: dbg magic variable missing in the Python console
• Fix: DbgEng hangs when the engine asks the user for additional input
• Fix: Debugger hangs when the user tries to quit the target while the analysis update is still running

• Feature: A file changelog has been added to view changeset descriptions and their authors (similar to git log)
• Feature: Docker images are now available for hosting the Enterprise server on ARM systems
• Improvement: Various small UI improvements
• Improvement: Added missing documentation for configuring LDAP as an SSO provider
• Fix: A number of missing NULL checks are no longer missing
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