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Hey guys,

Thanks again for checking out one of my threads, In this one I bring you iMPlayer,


This was first brought to my attention by a contact of mine who said he had a Panelled version of iMPlayer 1801 when I was using 1780, I checked it out noticed DexProtect among other lightweight obfuscation techniques and have since got it working connected to me, created a working Database - some of you have come to me for tips and now have your own working Database - Please don't message me asking for information on how to build your own database, everything you need is in fact inside the application and can be rebuilt with time and patience.

The infahash mod is a great one and allows us to be able to use the application on multiple devices using the modifications he has made - I am informed that the actual iMPlayer developer does have reseller functionality in the works and that should be upon us in the near future. However as it stands the official application doesn't provide what we need but is still a fantastic application for individual usage, buy a licence - support the developer.

I won't be releasing the structure of the database any time soon, however that's not to say someone may figure it out and release it in their name - that's not my problem. The developer has asked I don't release it. As it stands this application is connected my my own database and it is up to you what you do with that knowledge - but I will say that this wont be going down any time soon as has been happening a lot recently with different variations of the app as databases have been going down. This is a separate database to my 1780 releases so as not to con volute the API too much.

This works with the iMPlayer web panels released on the website, thank the developers. Buy them a beer.
Search for YOUR_URL in the dexes.

Dunno how well this info still stands:

View attachment 677

api "2"
beta "43"
change_beta false
changed false
config true
cpu "30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30"
data "null"
doom false
email "[email protected]"
enable true
memory "30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30"
message false
new_version "68"
optional "30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30"
ram "30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30"
ram1 "30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30"
ram2 "30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30"
ram3 "30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30"
ram4 "30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30:3a:30:30"
settings1 "MQo7jejW8nXRhmivulrdVXObXwSVA2mN"
settings2 "jtuXhfmWdzm2sSqrz02BCGGYMAjhDeCX"
settings3 "MQo7jejW8nXRhmivulrdVXObXwSVA3mN"
settings4 "jtuXhfmWdzm2sSqrz02BGGGYMAjhDeCX"
size "2"
status1 true
status2 true
status3 true
status4 true
status5 true
update false
who true

- Ian.
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