SRTMiniServer 1.8.4 Build 75 - 8 Lines Edition With Crack

Transcoder SRTMiniServer 1.8.4 Build 75 - 8 Lines Edition With Crack

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SRT Mini Server With Patch​

It's Windows app for accepting SRT feeds and convert to NDI or SDI for next production steps.

SRTMiniServer provides a lot of features:
- Up to 8 incoming streams
- Multi-codecs: h265, h264 and mpeg2
- NDI Outputs
- Two-way communications


Few reasons to use SRTMiniServer

1. Versatility
  • Supports both NDI and SDI streaming output, which allows you to use the product successfully in both SDI and NDI infrastructure, which is growing in popularity.
  • It’s also compatible with solutions like vMix and Wirecast, as well as with large TV systems like Tricaster. Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.
2. Scalability
Let’s say you’ve got enough channels right now and you’re using a hardware solution. How would you scale as your needs grow?

In the case of a hardware solution, you’d need to buy an additional hardware SRT decoder. That’s a huge unnecessary cost!

With our SRT product, it’s simple: replace your 4-output SDI card with an SDI card that has 8 or 16 outputs on board, and only if necessary.

3. Quick start and low cost
  • Unlike hardware solutions, SRTMiniServer can be used right away. Forget about "availability in stock," "delivery time"
  • With SRTMiniServer, you pay up to 4 times less compared to the price of a hardware SRT decoder.
4. Cloud-ready
This is handy when critical nodes are running on near-redundant cloud solutions like Amazon AWS or Google.

SRTMiniServer has proven to be a great way to work in the cloud. If you need to, you can easily start using cloud solutions at any time.

5. No training costs
Hardware solutions require:
  • Skills. Where a mistake can be very expensive or even void your warranty.
  • Knowledge of specific interfaces. Which often depend on the manufacturer;
  • Training and even certification. To work with them. There can be serious problems with knowledge transfer if a trained employee leaves the company.
Our SRT solution has a simple interface.
Most tasks can be solved with a few clicks on the main screen.
No special training is required.

6. Batteries included
SRTMiniServer is not just an SRT decoder to NDI/SDI. It also includes functionality to solve typical cases, including:
  • multiple source synchronization,
  • communicating with the person on camera,
  • an expert connectivity and slide management tool,
  • and much more!
HW decoders don't have these features; you would need to make additional investments in hardware and software to accomplish these tasks.
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