WHMCS version v8.7.2 Release Nulled

WHMCS WHMCS version v8.7.2 Release Nulled

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FEATURE-3223 - Visual refinements for 360 Monitoring MarketConnect admin pages
FEATURE-3234 - Improve CSS on 360 Monitoring landing page
FEATURE-3238 - Correct phrasing from "monitors" to "websites" in 360 Monitor plan descriptions

CORE-13323 - Correct display of domain expiry date format in domain sync report and My Domains page
CORE-17826 - Correct inspection of premium domains from Enom availability results
CORE-18297 - Improve handling of punycode domains that use RTL languages
CORE-18390 - Correct storage of host field for Google OAuth2
Also known as: CORE-18352
CORE-18413 - Ensure ticket status in the admin area uses the admin language
CORE-18429 - Improve admin login autofill hint for Safari
CORE-18458 - Prevent erroneous CSRF block when creating billable items
CORE-18496 - Improve PHP Compatibility Scan with a large number of files
CORE-18511 - Ensure Test Connection works on simple server configuration page when using hostname starting with numeral
CORE-18533 - Improve price display in 360 Monitoring landing page
CORE-18539 - Prevent update error related to missing addon records
CORE-18540 - Update WHOIS listing for .yt
CORE-18542 - Minor style and UI tweaks for 360 Monitoring landing page
CORE-18543 - Remove obsolete template files related to licensing provisioning module if present
CORE-18548 - Improve robustness of early runtime error management
CORE-18550 - Correct reference link in activity log entries about client notes
CORE-18553 - Ensure Subscription ID is recorded when saving New Addon for service
CORE-18556 - Correct application of currency selection from footer
CORE-18559 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when saving General Settings without affiliate related field values
CORE-18560 - Restore missing 360 Monitoring translation key "tagLine"
CORE-18562 - Correct erroneous hard block of currency deletion
CORE-18569 - Add missing Manage Emails language string
CORE-18570 - Improve visibility of CC recipients when opening new ticket from Admin Area with Chrome on Windows
CORE-18573 - Prevent fatal viewing SSL certificate in Admin Area
CORE-18576 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when restricting SSO permissions for a server
CORE-18592 - Allow quote quantities to accept a decimal value
CORE-18595 - Correct translation keys for billing cycle names on NordVPN landing page

MODULE-7454 - Improve robustness and logging of PayPal Checkout based subscriptions
MODULE-7744 - Prevent error when sending only plain-text emails with SendGrid
MODULE-7761 - Improve log entries during the migration of expired cards to Stripe
MODULE-7796 - Improve handling of domains in unknown status with eNom and GoDaddy
MODULE-7822 - Correct usage of System URL for 3DS notification URL in Sagepay Repeats
MODULE-7826 - Prevent erroneous error with polling empty servers for stats with Plesk
MODULE-7827 - Prevent fatal error on configgateways.php where Gocardless API is unreachable
MODULE-7906 - Ensure .eu domains do not force a client company name to be set with OpenSRS
MODULE-7918 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when configuring SSL certificate with Enom SSL
Also known as: CORE-18443
MODULE-7921 - Correction for PHP 8.1 compatibility in legacy Linkpoint
MODULE-7934 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when collecting usage from DirectAdmin
MODULE-7935 - Reset client cart workflow following fraud failure with Stripe
MODULE-7937 - Improve transaction detail parsing for custom accounts with Stripe
MODULE-7938 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when saving DNS changes in client area with ResellerClub
MODULE-7939 - Improve PHP 8.1 compatibility for 101 Domain
MODULE-7941 - Improve PHP 8.1 compatibility for 2Checkout
MODULE-7943 - Update X-AU-DOMAIN-RELATIONTYPE .au Additional Domain Fields for CentralNIC

This Thread had not been rated yet
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