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  1. E

    Resource ESO 2.0 app and panel files

    edulmos19 submitted a new resource: ESO 2.0 app and panel files - ESO Read more about this resource...
  2. R

    Esoteric Esoteric 6 with working v4 panels 6

    This is ESOTERIC 6 and the panel is V,4 but works well still. This app is a chameleon and quite fast Images taken from Google so if your logo is there sorry. Some themes included. It can be pretty much any app on the face of it. Just edit the string.xml The lines you want to change are...
  3. Ian

    Resource Eso v2

    Ian submitted a new resource: Eso v2 - Esoteric v2 Read more about this resource...
  4. Ian

    Esoteric Eso v2 2

    Hey guys, Cheers for checking out the thread, today is a something slightly different to the usual Application I use. Today I offer you ESO v2 which is linkable to a Web Panel (Search for the forum for v.1 Web Panel will work with this application). Nice quick and nimble app with cool...
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