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Hey guys,

Cheers for checking out the thread, today is a something slightly different to the usual Application I use. Today I offer you ESO v2 which is linkable to a Web Panel (Search for the forum for v.1 Web Panel will work with this application).

Nice quick and nimble app with cool customisation features. Very light weight and easy to use for your members.

I don't have any panel to go with this however the version 1 web panel that is available on the site works perfectly fine with this version however with this version I have permanently unlocked all the Premium features such as the VPN so the Panels will need updating to accommodate that - however it's not actually needed. I have removed the decryptString's and the MashStrings to bypass any encryption...

Search for YOUR_URL in /res/Strings.xml and replace with the URL you host your ESOv1 Panel on (or v2 Panel ofc.)

Thanks again,
- Ian.
This Thread had not been rated yet
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