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  1. eonbry


    Hello, I'm sharing my new work, maybe it will be useful for you. 1- Admin can define sold users through the panel and give them credit. 2- Only administrative users can add DNS addresses. 3- Users harmed as sellers can add users to the DNS addresses added by the admin user. 4- Sellers can only...
  2. jnaciri

    I find a application like ibo player for Smart Tv : Tizen & WebOs

    hello brothers i find a application like ibo player for Smart Tv Samsung ( Tizen ) & LG ( WebOs) My request is, can one of you obtain the application to modify it, as well as its own panel? panel Url : https://mikaplayer.com panel priview : Applicayion Priview :
  3. jnaciri

    Question Iptv Player For Samsung (Tizen) & LG (Webos) app with panel !

    I'm tired of searching for an application source for Samsung and LG devices , there is anyone who can help me?
  4. asad88

    Showcase New Panel Design

    Hey guys want to share some of my recent work Panel Development Credit goes to Ian & Jl, I really appreciate your work on a panel it is a nice design. I have made some of my modifications to it . 1. Added Dual Login superadmin & admin some restrictions made into it for admin such as admin cant...
  5. P

    Question I'm looking iboplayer

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for ibo player 3.8, it should be like in the screen below. Does anyone have it and be kind enough to share it on the forum? with panel. Thank you!
  6. 00sanoj00

    Selling BoB Player [ibo4k RTX]

    About this version - Add playlist using username and password - Splash screen with video background - Change main app logo using Admin Panel - Change Background using Admin Panel - Change Notification using Admin Panel - Manage Subscription - Decrypted Admin panel
  7. shah5555

    IBO Player IBO Player Pro 3.1 + (shirazcrakz)Panel 3.1

    The ibo player pro 3.1 with PanelšŸ„³ Apk, Settings and code in zip file
  8. 00sanoj00

    Showcase VU Player Pro [1.5] with panel

  9. B

    Resource Ibo player4k+ panel

    betotun submitted a new resource: Ibo player4k+ panel - ibo Read more about this resource...
  10. adil

    Resource IBO panel + apk

    adil submitted a new resource: IBO panel + apk - IBO panel + apk Read more about this resource...
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