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  1. neutroiptvplayer

    Tutorial Now you can get the free Rebranded app Demo before making any payments.

    Yes, It is true. Now you can get the free Demo of your actual rebranded app and get the .apk file with your logo and then try and test. No need to make any payments. How to get the free Demo Rebranded app? Step 1: Go to and register yourself. Step 2: Click...
  2. neutroiptvplayer

    Question Workings of Active Code Login Method

    Hello guys, many providers/resellers requested us to develop/rebrand the app with Active code method. And the provided us the API to generate the username and password with Active code and same working as XUI API. Like: Most of...
  3. neutroiptvplayer

    Showcase Neutro IPTV Player v6.0 with Switchable Multi-DNS Rebranding

    Hello IPTV Providers/Resellers, Now get your REBRANDED app with PANEL in just Ā£99 from the developers which is really really cheap. Direct Download Link: For addional help (like Multi-DNS) and other type of customization, we are available on Telegram...
  4. neutroiptvplayer

    Rebrander Rebranded Neutro IPTV Player (Directly from the Developers)

    neutroiptvplayer has added a new Service. Hello IPTV Providers/Resellers, Are you really frustrated and tired to rebrand the Neutro IPTV Player? ...lolšŸ˜… Now get your REBRANDED app with PANEL in just Ā£59 from the developers which is really really cheap. It is a limited time offer so now it is...
  5. E

    Resource Neutro 3.8

    edulmos19 submitted a new resource: Neutro 3.8 - Neutro 3.8 Read more about this resource...
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