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  1. jsmith

    Question Cinema HD with User Panel or Replacement

    purchased Cinema HD with panel and able to input Premiumize API and Username/Password expiration ability. Its no longer working correctly. all usernames and passwords are failing. person who I purchased it from has no knowledge of it and wont share who he purchased it from. I need a replacement...
  2. 00sanoj00

    Showcase XCIPTV 6.0(801) RTX Mod Hardcode and Web panel

    Features of the mod Will provide as soon as possible
  3. 00sanoj00

    Resource XCIPTV 6.0 (801) - RTX MOD Unlimited DNS Hardcoded + No ads

    00sanoj00 submitted a new resource: XCIPTV 6.0 (801) - RTX MOD Unlimited DNS Hardcoded + No ads - Unlimited DNS Hardcoded + No ads Read more about this resource...
  4. L

    Answer FTG Panel

    Surfing the forum, I read about such an FTG panel. And I'm curious about. Looks like it's for Smarters app. Does anyone have this panel and can share?
  5. F

    Resource p2p 6.1+panel+apk

    fernandes2023 submitted a new resource: p2p 6.1+panel+apk - p2p 6.1+panel+apk Read more about this resource...
  6. Scruff44

    Rebrander App rebranding & Extras

    Scruff44 has added a new Service. App rebranding at cheap / faor prices. All app rebrands, the admin panel is hosted on my secure host server. Also on my backup server. You'll have full access to the admin panel at all times. I do sell some panels for self hosting. Just depends on what app &...
  7. asad88

    IPTV Smarters Pro IPTV Smarter with Ads+Sports 2022-10-23

    Wil work with FTG Panel (Panel not included) # panel url ----------- smali\f\j\a\f\g$a.smali line 18 # change app name ----------------- smali\f\j\a\k\d\c\a\a.smali line 41 - must be in base64 res\values\strings.xml change app_name # change package name...
  8. joaopaulo20256

    CMS kOffice version 5.0

    painel para gerenciamento de iptv kOffice OBSERVAÇÃO versão 5.0
  9. joaopaulo20256

    Resource panel for iptv management

    joaopaulo20256 submitted a new resource: panel for iptv management - panel for iptv management Read more about this resource...
  10. E

    Learning Dot Player v2.3 & Panel v2.3

    *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** Dot Player v2.3 and panel (Based off of the Flix Panel again) Fixed
  11. E

    Panelled Smarters ADS with Sports + Panel smarters3.1.5.1 2022-10-14

    Smarters ADS with Sports, first of all thank to @FireTVGuru for the panel files, credits to @Leode for the app the panel I did not have the sports option added
  12. sniker01

    Question About host/api

    Hi everyone, I always edit the Smarters IPTV app But I didn't hear about these two features until I entered this forum. What do they mean? Is it necessary to modify the host for the application to work or not? Thanks in advance ^^
  13. M

    CMS Panel Office Now 2.9

    Provide the best content for your customers. Office Now panel. Useful information: Installation performed in hundreds, Linux VPS and Hosting. Compatible with xtream ui. Some features: Panel generates automatic test. Integrated payment gateways. (Not automatic). Link Shortener Vods Request Area...
  14. L

    IPTV Stream Player Pro Smartv3 Pro + Panel 3

    instructions in .txt file Obs: hosting + php version 7.2 SSL
  15. Brain

    Important Competition End! Winners Chosen.

    Thanks to everybody who posted ideas for the 1-Stream team. After some deliberation the team have chosen their final winners!! The following users have won themselves a Licence and should contact @K to claim @Redsvision ✅ @verg0 ✅ @superdragao ✅ ✅ @forza_Sconto...
  16. bala2012

    IPTV Smarters Pro Smarters ADS with Sports + Panel Smarters

    Instructions: To change use Apk Editor Ultra, search for, Change to your URL Leave /api/ at the end. As the image below shows.
  17. Scruff44

    LTQ LTQ with series fix & VPN added 2022-07-23

    LTQ with series fix and VPN added to panel. App, Panel, and instructions. Win.rar file download.. 7 edits: DNS Edit Only: http://yourdnshere smali/com/topper/ltq/d/d.smali - Line 7 - Line 60 - Line 109 smali/com/topper/ltq/b/k/b/b.smali - Line 601 smali/com/topper/ltq/b/k/c.smali - Line 599...
  18. Scruff44

    IPTV Purple Player Purple IPTV Player v9.2 App & Panel 9.2

    Purple Player v9.2 (App & Panel) App have 12 different built in layouts to choose from. Control splash & logo images from panel. App Store available. Video intro on/off (on apk, not panel). All in a win.rar file with 2 edits (info listed below). Search for - https://yourdns/api/api.php?v=9...
  19. Scruff44

    XCIPTV 3 XCIPTV Decrypted Panels (722, 723, and 723 gif) UPDATED! 19-7-22

    XCIPTV Panels (v722, v723, and v723 live background gif). All fully decrypted and working. All in in a win.rar file. Easy to download. You can use any PHP editors to edit the panel files to suit your needs. Applications like notepad++, Atom, Visual Code Studio, and so on.... NOTE* Its not a...
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