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  1. premium_dialog

    Selling Update Prompt/Dialog for Apps

    Would you like to show an alert pop-up to your app users every time you release a new version of your app? Checkout update dialog. Overview This is an Alert Dialog that can be added to any android app. Afterwards you can manage the updates of your app using the admin panel app or the web panel...
  2. Ian

    Exclusive JEB Decompiler

    Requirements: JDK 11.0.X 64 bit, 64-bit OS mod by CXV Press Generate a Key in welcome window - fix all integrity checks\timebomb - Time-limited sessions fixed - Requires an Internet connection fixed - dexdec: fix string decrypt via emulation - dexdec: instruction conversion recovered -...
  3. Ian

    Untouched Ghidra - NSA SRE

    Ghidra is a software reverse engineering (SRE) framework created and maintained by the National Security Agency 2 Research Directorate. This framework includes a suite of full-featured, high-end software analysis tools that enable users to analyze compiled code on a variety of platforms...
  4. Ian

    Tutorial Android App Reverse Engineering 101

    Android App Reverse Engineering 101 is a workshop! The workshop’s goal is to give you the foundations to begin reverse engineering Android applications. While this workshop won’t teach you the details of Android app development, Android malware analysis, Android vulnerability hunting, etc., I...
  5. Brain

    Snippet Davlik Opcodes

    Opcode (hex) Opcode name Explanation Example 00 nop No operation 0000 - nop 01 move vx,vy Moves the content of vy into vx. Both registers must be in the first 256 register range. 0110 - move v0, v1 Moves v1 into v0. 02 move/from16 vx,vy Moves the content of vy into vx. vy may be in the 64k...
  6. Ian

    Tutorial Reverse Engineering: Frida for Beginners

    Reverse Engineering: Frida for Beginners A beginner's introduction to reverse engineering Android and windows applications using the Frida toolkit What you'll learn Listing process libraries Reversing Android apps Hooking Classes and Functions Examining and modifying function parameters and...
  7. Ian

    Modded IDA Pro 7.6 SP1

    The Service Pack 1 of IDA 7.6 is primarily a bug fixes release that provides fixes for a few errors that might affect many users. Complete changelist: Installer: IDA Installers for Apple Silicon (arm64) don't require Rosetta2 anymore and refuse to install on Intel Macs golang: Verify...
  8. Ian

    Exclusive IDA Pro 7.7 SP1

    IDA 7.7.220218 (maintenance release) Improvements: + decompiler: improve handling of volatile reads (some were incorrectly propagated) + golang: apply reflection function prototypes to methods when available + golang: create function types from reflection metadata + PDB: support SP-relative...
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