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  1. Scruff44

    App XC Exclusive Mod with Widgets 725+

    XCIPTV 725+ exclusive mod with widgets, ads, banners, and loads more added features. App has all 8 wprking themes / layouts. The new layout with widgets is built into theme 4. New custom layout with 3 different display widgets.. • Widget 1 - rotating banners / images / gif • Widget 2 -...
  2. Scruff44

    Showcase XCIPTV MOD

    Exclusive xciptv with custom layout, choice of widgets, rotating images and banners, and sports events. App has a ton of built in features on admin panel. Note* I didnt create this. Ive just done the rebranding, with new images, icons, logo, etc.. Full credit goes to the developer! Video...
  3. Ian

    Medium How-to Null & Panel XCIPTV Apps

    In this little Tutorial I'm going to run through some basics of how people currently Null and Panel the Official XCIPTV Apps and Rebrands. Step one; Prepare your working Environment There are a few different apps that people like to use when modifying APK's but for this tutorial we will be...
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