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Hey guys,

This is a re-post of my first ever crack/mod of an app.

Thanks again for checking out one of my threads, today I am bringing you something a little bit nice, something I've literally only just finished doing after a learning curve in the IPTV Scene.

I had been trying out different versions of LTQ and going from 57 to 61, 62 and so on - this here is the latest(?) version of LTQ which I have bypassed the AES encyption on within the app so you are able to simply add your http://dns: port too it, change the VPN Service and so on and so forth. Hopefully some of you will make good use of this, thanks to the people who pointed me in the right direction and those who told me where I should be looking - I'm sorry if this was the wrong way to go about getting this to work with different providers but It works and at the minute I'm happy within my self with that.


I looked up where the encryption was in the APK itself and then converted the Smali into Java to be able to make it more readable for myself, I then played arround with the code to be able to make it work in the way it is intended too in the app, feed in the AES encypted string and return the plain text; you can see that here:
Feel free to have a play around with it for other version of LTQ it (should) work for previous revisions. I then made the changes in the Java to bypass the decryption process to be able to just return the String that is passed, ie the AES encrypted String - this enabled us to be able to just put our plain text http://dns: port and have it return through the method in plain text as the decryption method would do for the AES encrypted String thus bypassing it.

I have a gut feeling that a good few people would like to get this - I have put a healthy number of likes to get it sorry if that stops you grabbing it but remember if you really, really want something then of course VIP is always an option.

Note: I had already made a couple of changes to the LAF of the app before bypassing - my apologies for not being the original clean APK.

DNS Edits:

Thanks for taking the time to visit my thread!
- Ian.
This Thread had not been rated yet
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