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  1. Ian

    Showcase LTQ Deluxe

    Key Features: Built-in Notifications - Can set to open a stream/movie/series/url - Can use ad Ad Space - Can edit from panel. Built-in Sports Guide - Can set Team Logos - Can set what Stream to open - Can edit from panel. Built-in App Store - Can serve any apps from panel. Built-in...
  2. Wizard

    LTQ LTQ with series fix & VPN added 2022-07-23

    LTQ with series fix and VPN added to panel. App, Panel, and instructions. Win.rar file download.. 7 edits: DNS Edit Only: http://yourdnshere smali/com/topper/ltq/d/d.smali - Line 7 - Line 60 - Line 109 smali/com/topper/ltq/b/k/b/b.smali - Line 601 smali/com/topper/ltq/b/k/c.smali - Line 599...
  3. Ian

    VIP LTQ w/ Series Fix

    Here we have LTQ which I showcased a while back with Series fixed for All services. This app includes: In-app Sports guide, In-app Advertisements, In-app Appstore, In-app VPN, In-app Updates. This version includes the changes to the DB structure for faster loading of playlists and EPGs. -...
  4. E

    Resource LTQ_PANEL

    edulmos19 submitted a new resource: LTQ_PANEL - LTQ_PANEL Read more about this resource...
  5. Ian

    Resource LTQ 134

    Ian submitted a new resource: LTQ 134 - Sidebar Login version of panelled LTQ 134 Read more about this resource...
  6. Ian

    LTQ LTQ 134 134

    Cheers. - Ian.
  7. Ian

    Resource LTQ 137

    Ian submitted a new resource: LTQ 137 - Panelled version of LTQ 137 Read more about this resource...
  8. Ian

    LTQ LTQ 137 2022-04-05

    I assumed the developer was done with this application so looked no further due to QDeluxe being their main app right now (I've already cracked and working on writing API) when I stumbled onto this version from late December 2020. I'm not sure why with this version the developer switched the...
  9. Ian

    Resource LTQ 85

    Ian submitted a new resource: 85 - Panelled version of LTQ 85 Read more about this resource...
  10. Ian

    LTQ LTQ 85 85

    This is just a follow on thread to go with the LTQ v85 - Hardcoded thread created earlier today - I know some of you would prefer to have the Clean original version of LTQ's app. Here is just that with the minor changes to allow plain-text DNS, please refer to the other post for information on...
  11. Ian

    LTQ LTQ 85 85

    Hey guys, This is a re-post of my first ever crack/mod of an app. Thanks again for checking out one of my threads, today I am bringing you something a little bit nice, something I've literally only just finished doing after a learning curve in the IPTV Scene. I had been trying out different...
  12. Ian

    Resource LTQ 98

    Ian submitted a new resource: LTQ 98 - Hardcoded version of LTQ 98 Read more about this resource...
  13. Ian

    LTQ LTQ 98 98

    Hey guys, Thanks for checking out the thread, today I bring you the very Latest and also the Last ever version of the infamous LTQ IPTV App. There is not much too be said about the app, there have been a tonne of small fixes, one notable fix is the YouTube trailers. This will be the last...
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