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Directions for use:​

The idea of the APP is to exchange and learn technology with everyone (the app itself has no technical content, pure entertainment), the current version has a lot of bugs, and then gradually improve, adding some small features that may be interesting.


First of all, I salute MT, which handles a lot of details very well and is very attentive to the user (MT-very NP), followed by PanGolin, the UI framework refers to AX. In addition, thanks to Yirui for designing icons for NP Manager; Thanks to Momsg for its long-term help and supervision; Thanks to Modex for the check-in method provided; Thanks to Mao for the open source apk-vm (nmmp) on GitHub; Thanks to Milk (CodingGay) for another control flow obfuscation (BlackObfuscator) that is open sourced on github; Thanks to TimScriptov for translating the app into Russian's contribution; Thanks to 94KONG for its contribution to the App Correction Russian translation; Thanks to Burhan for his contribution in translating the app into Turkish in 2010; Thanks to Infiltrovat for his contribution in translating the App into Portuguese; Thanks to Minh Nhựt Nguyễn Hoàng for his contribution in translating the App into Vietnamese; Thanks to QUÂNandroid for the contribution of the Modified Vietnamese translation; Thanks to zEiox for his contribution in translating the app into Spanish. Notes:

Common causes of flashbacks​

  • Root's phone has a high probability of flashback
  • Root's phone doesn't give root permissions
  • There are xp environments that are prone to flashback
  • There is no network
  • The phone has a VPN or proxy

Function Introduction:​

It is mainly a simple application for Apk, Dex, Jar, Smali, Pdf, video and audio files.

  • Conversion of Dex, Jar, and Smali files to and from each other;
  • Dex file merge, split;
  • Apk, dex, jar obfuscation, and string encryption;
  • Apk signature, coexistence, signature removal verification, dialog cancellation, removal of VPN/proxy detection;
  • Res resource obfuscation (support for custom dictionaries);
  • Pdf merge, encrypt, split, extract, unblock encryption, delete pages;
  • Video transcoding, cutting, extracting audio/video streams, custom audio/video operations;
  • Folder transcoding GBKUTF-8;
  • So files view character constants;
  • Apk reinforcement judgment, Dex editing (batch deletion of classes);
  • High compatibility string encryption (Apk, dex);
  • Toolbox (common string conversions such as base64, des, md5, hexadecimal, Unicode, despaceing, etc.);
  • Smali files to Java;
  • One-click to add Xposed detection, one-click to add pop-ups, dialog boxes;
  • axml decompilation/recompilation, arsc file viewing character constants;
  • One-click LOG injection, one-click removal of all pop-up windows (toast);
  • One-click injection string decryption LOG, Dex file replacement name;
  • Multiple Apk string encryption schemes (string encryption in control flow obfuscation is recommended);
  • One-click to add forbidden screenshots, one-click to add Apk crash logging;
  • XML text code formatting;
  • Dex files view character constants;
  • Apk Super Obfuscation 3.0--High Efficiency Direct Obfuscation of dex, Support Obfuscation of Four Components, Support Multi-dex;
  • Apk function - DEX obfuscation confrontation;
  • Dex Edit Plus (supports searching, editing Smali and viewing character constants);
  • Support syntax highlighting in Smali, Java, AXML and other editors;
  • One-click extraction of Dex obfuscation dictionaries, encryption of resource IDs in Dex;
  • Apk alignment optimization;
  • Dex batch repair;
  • Super Edition removes signature verification;
  • Assets and res resource encryption protection;
  • Dex file comparison;
  • Text file comparison;
  • class files and jar package decompilation;
  • Apk Function--Control Flow Obfuscation 5.0-High Efficiency Full Encrypted Strings, Method Hiding, Encrypted Resource ID, Instruction Substitution, Dex Optimization, Reflection Protection, Flattening, etc.;
  • Dex Function - Property Viewing;
  • Smali syntax query;
  • Smali Execution Flowchart View (Editor - > Navigation - > Long Press Method Name - > View Flowchart)
  • Smali method CodeOffset size view (editor-> navigation);
  • Smali method IR view (editor-> navigation);
  • Svg and android vectorDrawable XML – interstitial and preview capabilities (multi-select batch);
  • Json file visualization, formatting, validation, compression, escaping, and xml interpolation;
  • NPMan, a network interface test tool that supports common network request testing and ping testing; Supports reading request files saved by HttpCanary requesting files request.hcy and request_body.bin; supports uploading binary files as request bodies;
  • Apk-VM protection, support configuration annotation and class name method name rules;
  • Apk-Res anti-confusion;
  • Support for control flow obfuscation of Jar or Dex files alone;
  • Apk-Dex string decryption;
  • Control flow - anti-string one-click decryption;
  • Support Apks and Xapk files to Apk files;
  • Support Arsc file editing;
  • Support Apk pseudo-encryption and anti-pseudo-encryption;
  • Apk-Dex2C;
  • Screen viewer;
  • Screen ruler.

APK feature​


Control flow obfuscation​


Control flow before obfuscation​


After the control flow is obfuscated​

50 Credits
First release
Last update
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