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  1. Ian

    Learning APKiD by Red Naga

    APKiD gives you information about how an APK was made. It identifies many compilers, packers, obfuscators, and other weird stuff. It's PEiD for Android. For more information on what this tool can be used for, check out: Android Compiler Fingerprinting Detecting Pirated and Malicious Android...
  2. Ian

    Tool ApkSignatureKillerEx by Lin-Jin Bin 936e828

    * This will eventually be added too or replace MT Managers Signature Kill tool.
  3. Ian

    VIP ModderHub v1.3.19 MT

  4. Ian

    Easy Anti-confuse XCIPTV Res using MT Manager

    Since OTTRun decided to make rebranders lives a little bit harder than it needs to be, here is a simple solution to fix. Any current Official XCIPTV or even rebrands will have their Resources folder messed up like this: You can see they all have a jumble of names, when there's a tonne of...
  5. sniker01

    Question What is the difference (APK Easy Tool/MT Manager)

    Hi everyone, Please, What is the difference between APK Easy Tool & MT Manager And which one is better to work with. Thanks in advance.
  6. Ian

    Untouched NP Manager (NP管理器) - All Releases

    Password: 7299 使用说明: Directions for use: The idea of the APP is to exchange and learn technology with everyone (the app itself has no technical content, pure entertainment), the current version has a lot of bugs, and then gradually improve, adding some small features that may be interesting...
  7. Ian

    Exclusive MT Manager 2.10.1-beta (Mod)

    MT Manager is one of the most powerful tools a modder can have in working with APK files. Its the swiss army knife of APK editing. Changelog V7: Fixed Plugin install V6: Decreased App size added Custom Symbols V5: General fixes V4: Fixed error installing plugins *Expected URL scheme 'http' or...
  8. Ian

    Tool MT Manager 2.10.4-Stable

    Version: 2.10.4 (22040665) - Text editor custom symbol input upgraded to shortcut function bar - Fixed problem that text editor may not be able to swipe left and right in non-wrapping mode - Fixed problem that background text will be written to an empty file when text editor saves all - Added...
  9. Ian

    Tutorial Killing Signature using MT Manager

    Hey guys, This is a quick tutorial on how to use the tool MT Manager (see Resources) to remove the Signature of APKs. Requirements: Android device / Android emulator. MT Manager VIP account (or MT Manager VIP Mod) Application with Signature checking. For this example I'm going to kill the...
  10. Ian

    Tool MT Manager 2.10.4-beta

    Version: 2.10.4-beta (22022552) Upgraded Dex string decryption function to support custom decryption function Optimized Dex redivide function to prevent interface freezes or out of memory errors Optimized Dex comparison function to prevent out of memory errors and improve loading speed Fixed...
  11. Ian

    Tool MT Manager 2.10.3

    Version: 2.10.3 (22022063) Added option in text editor "Show ASCII control characters" Fixed problem with jump to search result with zoom in DEX Editor+
  12. Ian

    Tool AE Manager (English Mod) 1.5 (Amoled Black)

    What's modded? Translated fully to english Fixed crash issue on opening for root users AMOLED Black Theme Modded by Abhi Features: Dex editing, To jar, To dex, XML decompilation, XML recompilation, Smali and Dex intermutation, compressing a single file editing a file within a zip adding...
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