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Toxic Panel is panel with all possible protections based on XtreamUI and possibilities has been released. Has anyone used it so far, I bought it and it works perfectly from mag scanner protection onwards. Below are just some of the possibilities of that panel

[Added] MAG scan security
[Added] Install Proxy server
[Added] Access Codes
[Added] Full statistic
[Added] Last online for users and mag
[Added] Adjust credits
[Added] Stream add suppliers chanel
[Added] New Security center
[Added] Reseller unban IP
[Added] Favorit menu
[Added] Check password strength and username
[Added] Add a server to the stream with one click
[Added] New Suppliers
[Added] Edit Suppliers
[Added] Auto backup to mail
[Remodeled] Mass edit movies
[Remodeled] Mass delete
[Added] Panel Info Update
[Added] Filter server for mass edit streams
[Added] New page with MB info of DB tables
[Added] MB info on Quick Tools
[Added] Panel Resellers Info last 8 Movies and Series
[Added] Convert User TO MAG for reseller
[Added] Convert MAG to Normal User for reseller
(In the settings under the reseller you have a button to turn on or off)
[Added] Clear Logs Automatically and speed up clean logs
[Added] Add/Edit User ISP, Device Lock & Forced Country for reseller
[Added] Button “download playlist” inside edit user page
[Added] Option for resellers to edit username and mac address for MAG devices
[Added] Movie Statistics
[Added] Series Statistics
[Added] MAG524 and MAG524W3
[Added] TMDB Language for add movie and serie
[Added] Add On Top Of Bouquets button
[Added] Resellers Statistics
[Added] Top 100 stream statistics
[Added] Top 100 stream statistics per user
[Added] Reseller Options Button
(Reseller can delete Blocked IPs, Additional EDIT options for resellers, Can View Stream Stats)
[Added] Disk usage button
[Added] Disk Usage
[Added] Cover for movies and series
[Added] Panel con check
[Added] Restream finder
[Added] Check leaks
[Added] Reseller statistics
[Added] Block IPs for reseller
[Added] All country options
[Added] Lock,Unlock,Reset MAG STB LOCK for reseller
[Added] Forced Country select for reseller
[Added] MAP location for reseller
[Added] Link to the forum
[Added] Page UP, Page DOWN button
[Added] Duration for movies, series
[Added] Date of creating list for user
[Added] Red letters category for stream, movies, episodes
[Added] Separate input and output network used
( Set network speed to 1000 if the server is 1 Gbit )
[Added] IPS lock info for edit normal user
[Added] IP address on server card
[Added] Button IPS lock and MAG STB lock when creating user
[Added] New look of live connection and abbreviated names ISP, INFO, User Agent, Server
[Added] New Dashboard for reseller
[Added] Import VOD, Series/Episodes content
[Added] Info on mags devices
( Adult Pin, STB Type, Image Version, Primary Device, Secondary Device, Secondary Device, ISP Lock Info )
[Added] Default Aspect Ratio Mag Devices
[Added] Mag Lock Image
[Added] Disable Portal
[Added] STB Type on Manager Mags
[Added] Subcategories for options
[Modified] Modified stream tools, log tools, ip change, process monitor
[Added] Option for Admin to be able to extend the list to
(1 day, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month)
[Added] Dashboard Server CPU and RAM info
[Added] Added update information to dashboard
[Added] New icons inserted in the panel
.. and many more awesome features!

toxic panell nulled

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This Thread had not been rated yet
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