WHMCS 8.7.1-Nulled

WHMCS WHMCS 8.7.1-Nulled

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Additional Requirements:
PHP Version 7.2
PHP Memory Limit 64MB
PHP Database Extension PDO
Curl with SSL
GD2 Image Library
JSON Support
MySQL Version 5.2.0
Ioncube Loaders 10.2.0 or later


New and Improved in WHMCS 8.7​

Now in its first Beta release, WHMCS 8.7 includes new functionality to register domains through CentralNic's new centralized reseller platform.
You can learn more about the technical details of this release's changes in our Release Notes.

The New CentralNic Reseller Module​

WHMCS 8.7 introduces a CentralNic Reseller domain registrar module. It uses CentralNic's new centralized reseller platform to make sure you have a great experience that's compatible with the newest WHMCS-supported versions of PHP.
This module replaces the RRPProxy module and includes all of its existing features, plus new features like DNSSEC support. We plan to extend this to other CentralNic-owned domain registrars in future WHMCS versions.


Once you configure CentralNic Reseller, you can also use it as your lookup provider for domain registrations, with settings that let you specify the maximum number of returned suggestions, enable geolocation-specific suggestions, and show or hide adult domains.


The RRPProxy module can cause compatibility issues with PHP 8.1. If you have already configured RRPProxy in WHMCS, the update process will migrate your configuration and existing RRP Proxy domains to the new CentralNic Reseller module and remove RRPProxy from your system.
You can enable, disable, and configure all of our domain registrar modules at Configuration () > System Settings > Domain Registrars.

Updating to WHMCS 8.7​

To take advantage of these changes, you need to update to WHMCS 8.7. Right now, WHMCS 8.7 is in its first Beta release, so we only recommend it for testing and development installations. That gives you plenty of time to make sure your customizations are up-to-date for the new version and to check the compatibility of any third-party modules you use.


FEATURE-2961 - Implement CentralNic Reseller module


CORE-10317 - Honour Default Order Form Template for upgrade orders
CORE-15515 - Improve CSS handling of length options on Client Profile dropdown
Also known as: CORE-15689, CORE-18333
CORE-16578 - Require valid inputs when saving Email Notification provider
CORE-17804 - Prevent error when using snapshot invoice date for which a custom field no longer exists
Also known as: CORE-17865
CORE-17912 - Add ability to search the system activity log using a date range
CORE-17986 - Translate email configuration change test email message
CORE-18146 - Remove markdown editor image button in theme twenty one
CORE-18176 - Improve handling of MarketConnect Connection Errors on Link
CORE-18190 - Update product names to "WP" if not by WordPress Foundation
CORE-18223 - Update WHOIS listing for .nz
Also known as: CORE-18305
CORE-18234 - Update dependency nesbot/carbon to prevent future deprecation issues
CORE-18264 - Update WHOIS listing for .fr
CORE-18313 - Improve warning message for client area two-factor requirement
CORE-18317 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when view Monthly Orders report
CORE-18319 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when managing an Addon Module with a multi-select option
CORE-18323 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when viewing client's Email tab after a failed campaign send
CORE-18329 - Correct form submission and display of Mail Providers following previous saved configuration
CORE-18339 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when running an email campaign targeting clients with contacts
CORE-18341 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when expanding accordion for Cancellation Requests
CORE-18342 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when view historical transactions
CORE-18343 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when saving a new tracking link
CORE-18354 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when modifying domain contacts in bulk


MODULE-7373 - Deprecate and remove Payson gateway module
MODULE-7710 - Correct post authentication SSO redirection for Plesk
MODULE-7856 - Improve error handling for unknown failures is signature validation for PayPal Checkout
MODULE-7858 - Improve error message when admin is not selected on setting of Auto Release module
MODULE-7874 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 on card declines when processing invoice payments with Stripe
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Morty Smith
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