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  1. M

    IPTV Stream Player MAX Video Player v1.0 1.0

    It is the best video player full fulfills all your media player needs and an attractive user Interface gives you the best user experience
  2. M

    Smart IPTV Xtream Player EasyPlex v1.6 - Movies - Live Streaming - TV Series, Anime 1.6

    MVVM with Android Architecture Components Dagger 2 for Dependency Injection Clean code Auto Import Movie & Serie & Upcoming Informations MP4 WEBM MKV FLV HLS/M3U8 Powerful Admin Panel With VueJs Easy to reskin Material Design. UI optimized for phone and tablet App support Movies, Series...
  3. M

    Tool Android Wallpapers App v8.0 (HD, Full HD, 4K, Ultra HD Wallpapers) - nulled 8.0

    Android Wallpapers App (HD, Full HD, 4K, Ultra HD Wallpapers) are invigorating new app. Wallpapers have high quality resolutions including devices with huge screen for instance Full HD, Ultra HD wallpapers, 4K. Wallpapers with Live Wallpapers, checkout the latest and popular. You can gaze for...
  4. 00sanoj00

    Showcase Successfully added to Google Play | Smarters ADS with Sports

    Download Link app information Supported devices The tool used for this Telegram : https://t.me/SaNoJRTX
  5. 00sanoj00

    Hardcoded Televizo – IPTV player [Hardcoded DNS - Ready for customization] XX.XX (MOD)

    Televizo – IPTV player [Hardcoded DNS - Ready for customization] hardcoded DNS [Xtream codes] Signature verification bypass Ready for customization Change dns : res/values/strings.xml -> <string name="your_dns">http://_____________</string>
  6. 00sanoj00

    Tool APK to AAB Converter with proof [Change keystore , MINI / MAX SDK , Publish Google Play] V1.0.1 (Alpha)

    Want to add your rebranded or reskinned app to Google Play? Yes, I think some people are right, this is a tool made for that purpose, through this you have a 90% chance to add the app to Google Play. proof : IPTVApps - Hillview - Apps on Google Play Ffeatures .APK to AAB Converting to...
  7. Alberto

    Resource XCIPTV GUIDE SPORT + apk

    Panel y XCIPTV 722 apk you just have to search in Config.smali IPTVApps - yourhosthere.xyz - Diese Website steht zum Verkauf! - Informationen zum Thema yourhosthere. It can be edited with APKEDITORPRO to enter the panel you have to put /login.pho at the end of the URL, for example https:/...
  8. joaopaulo20256

    IPTV Purple Player PURPLEV10+panels v10

  9. yaya

    Question Ott platinum ( User & pass )_3.6.3

    hello Any idea about Ott platinum ( User & pass )_3.6.3 app and panel https://apkpure.com/fr/platinum-ott-player/com.platinumott.platinumottiptvbox best regard
  10. L

    Tool [Source Code] Bot Telegram Convert APK to AAB 3.2

    Create your own telegram bot to convert apk to aab to upload to play store. Password: lima9355 I don't have the tutorial, I paid for the person to install it on my vps, so I'm playing the files here
  11. Wizard

    Tool Deep APK Extractor v6.2 (premium) 6.2

    APK Extractor app/tool. If you have installed apk's on different devices, and cannot find the original source file, this tool will come in very handy. It extracts the apk from any device or location to any folder of your choice (in settings). I myself have used several apk extractors. This one...
  12. Wizard

    LTQ LTQ with series fix & VPN added 2022-07-23

    LTQ with series fix and VPN added to panel. App, Panel, and instructions. Win.rar file download.. 7 edits: DNS Edit Only: http://yourdnshere smali/com/topper/ltq/d/d.smali - Line 7 - Line 60 - Line 109 smali/com/topper/ltq/b/k/b/b.smali - Line 601 smali/com/topper/ltq/b/k/c.smali - Line 599...
  13. Wizard

    IPTV Smarters Pro Smarters VOD ONLY NEW v4.9 (hardcoded) 4.9

    Smarters VOD ONLY NEW v4.9 (hardcoded). Win.rar file includes apk file & text file. Change DNS in 2 locations. smali/com/nst/smarterplayer/activities/loginActivity.smali Line 150 & Line 668 or search for http://yourdns:port App have 5 different colour themes. Blue, Orange, Purple, Red and...
  14. Wizard

    IPTV Purple Player Purple IPTV Player v9.2 App & Panel 9.2

    Purple Player v9.2 (App & Panel) App have 12 different built in layouts to choose from. Control splash & logo images from panel. App Store available. Video intro on/off (on apk, not panel). All in a win.rar file with 2 edits (info listed below). Search for - https://yourdns/api/api.php?v=9...
  15. Wizard

    IPTV Stream Player Pro Xtream Player Pro (hardcoded) v6.9 6.9

    Xtream Player Pro Fully Rebrandable. Hardcoded app (version 6.9) Win.rar file includes text file with instructions. /smali/com/xtreampro/xtreamproiptv/activities/LoginActivity.smali /smali/com/xtreampro/xtreamproiptv/activities/M3uLoginActivity.smali Search for http://yourdns replace both...
  16. adil

    Resource APK Editor PRO + ULTRA New 5.0.24

    adil submitted a new resource: APK Editor PRO + ULTRA New 5.0.24 - ULTRA New 5.0.24 Read more about this resource...
  17. T

    Resource APK Editor Studio 1.6.0 Windows Version

    techyboy submitted a new resource: APK Editor Studio 1.6.0 Windows Version - IPTV Tool Read more about this resource...
  18. Anto101

    Question Smarters With ads from panel

    Come on people... we all know someone in here has the new Smarters with ads from panel as seen in the image below. Get it posted so we can all enjoy it for a couple of days. 🤣
  19. M

    Resource Easily convert Apk to Aab, Aab to Apk on windows . (114Mb)

    MedyXmen submitted a new resource: Easily convert Apk to Aab, Aab to Apk on windows . (114Mb) - Easily convert Apk to Aab, Aab to Apk on windows . (114Mb) Read more about this resource...
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