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  1. Jeison marquez

    Resource Vod SPANISH LATIN

    Contenido Vod Para Tu Servicio Coste Mensual Más De 250 Therabytes, Latíno y Castellano, Telenovelas, Series, Karaoke Y Más. Anexo Index Solo Visual Tiene Límite De Descarga: http://contenido.serviciosdedicadostv.com:82/Contenido/ContenidoFull/ Contacto: https://wa.link/vi74zq
  2. Ian

    Showcase Real-Debrid w/ CinemaHD

    For anyone who has tried to mod Premiumize into any of the VOD apps will know that it works easily because of the way the Premiumize API works, Adding Real-Debrid devices is a complete different matter and was a struggle, but playing around with an idea posted in another thread I have managed to...


    Intro Video has two options of mp4 and mp3 located in assets folder TO ADD YOUR SERVICE SEARCH "http://yourdns" i just added intro video the original post is located here: https://iptvapps.net/threads/smarters-vod-only-new-v4-9-hardcoded.844/
  4. Wizard

    IPTV Smarters Pro Smarters VOD ONLY NEW v4.9 (hardcoded) 4.9

    Smarters VOD ONLY NEW v4.9 (hardcoded). Win.rar file includes apk file & text file. Change DNS in 2 locations. smali/com/nst/smarterplayer/activities/loginActivity.smali Line 150 & Line 668 or search for http://yourdns:port App have 5 different colour themes. Blue, Orange, Purple, Red and...
  5. Anto101

    Question Help with VOD configuration on my panel.

    Hi guys. I'm looking for someone to help me out troubleshoot and fix a issue I'm having with my setup. It's a issue on the VOD side using Xtream ui CK 41. Hope someone can help me. Thank you
  6. Anto101

    Question Smarters v3 VODONLY (MOVIES & SERIES)

    Does anyone have a good vod only smarters v3 app they can share please. Not one with live section edited to 24/7 just needs movies and series. Preferably above 3.0.1 I have a copy but whoever's it is has broken the player and causes app to force close when user plays anything Thank you.
  7. Pinky


    Pinky submitted a new resource: SMARTERS V3 XCIPTV VOD ONLY - SMARTERS V3 XCIPTV (VOD ONLY XCIPTV THEME) Read more about this resource...
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