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  1. T

    Question XUI: Streaming Problem

    Having this error with my link, i can't keep this link alive using XUI .12 any leads with this problem. it will play for 2-3mins and it will drop
  2. rbh1505

    XUI ONE Delay on playing Streams

    Hello, it's been months now since I'm using XUI ONE 1.5.5 and my clients noticed something, when they try to play a channel it takes about 4 seconds for the image to load. And I find out that this happens when some other clients are watching the same channel, this is effecting my business so...
  3. Betoven

    how to migrate from 1stream to xui one

    Hello, can someone help me solve the problem of migrating from 1 stream to xui one?
  4. seagate

    Request: Xui One old versions 1.3.16

    hello, who has the old version of XUI.ONE v 1.3.16 in the original? Thank you
  5. K

    Request: Xui One old versions

    Hello! I need old versions off xuione! Versions 1.3.xx does anyone have ! please share
  6. D

    XUI Channels logos script XUI One

    I did not create this, only sharing a good find script that allows you to add the logos of each channel of an m3u file to your xui database. It saves a lot of time if you lose all your logos First place the script in the same folder as the m3u file. Then rename the m3u file as follows...
  7. R

    Question help for xuione 1.5.12-my live channels are constantly restarting

    Hello people, I have a problem with my XUIONE 1.5.12 , my live channels are constantly restarting... what will be the problem? what configuration will be needed? Or did I activate some option that I shouldn't and the channels restart? sometimes the channels are not longer than 1h in a row...
  8. Ian

    XUI XUI Licence Crack

    Run ./install.sh from extracted path. Full credit goes to sysnull84 for this patch.
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