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  1. T


    Hi all. Just joined and want to say hello. It is good to join great forum and great community. Hope i can bring something in to the forum lol
  2. R


    Hey all, was wondering , is there not a way to become a SVIP member on monthly pay basis. just think would be better for all users to have the option. Sorry if speaking out of turn, was curious :) 190 euro divide by 12 15.90e per month how about 20euro monthly :) just a random ask :)
  3. domi1982

    Hi from Spain

    Hi from Spain. My name is Domi and I join you as I have seen many interesting things in this forum (congratulations to the administrators). I have a question that I have been reading but I am not clear... I enter a post and many of us need credits, bonuses... and I have been investigating but I...
  4. G

    Showcase Smarters New Layout

    After getting up to 100 credits I got the sports guide button tutorial. Something I've wanted to learn in ages and after messing about managed to add, and went 1 better and as I have a payment page added this and it worked
  5. Dr. Doppler

    Resource CUSTOM SMARTERS V3(member request)

    Dr. Doppler submitted a new resource: CUSTOM SMARTERS V3(member request) - Smarters 3.5.1 Multi DNS Read more about this resource...
  6. Brain

    Resource Licence4Host GBLicencing System

    Brain submitted a new resource: Licence4Host GBLicencing System - License4host license management system (API) for control panels Read more about this resource...
  7. Anto101

    Question Help with VOD configuration on my panel.

    Hi guys. I'm looking for someone to help me out troubleshoot and fix a issue I'm having with my setup. It's a issue on the VOD side using Xtream ui CK 41. Hope someone can help me. Thank you
  8. P

    Howdy y'all

    sup everyone new to the forum and just wanted to say hi hope to have a good time here and contribute in any lil way possible also there's something else i need to just remember.... um, what was that again.... ah yes....... Just remember to keep it clean, keep it well formatted and enjoy...
  9. neutroiptvplayer

    Rebrander Rebranded Neutro IPTV Player (Directly from the Developers)

    neutroiptvplayer has added a new Service. Hello IPTV Providers/Resellers, Are you really frustrated and tired to rebrand the Neutro IPTV Player? ...lolšŸ˜… Now get your REBRANDED app with PANEL in just Ā£59 from the developers which is really really cheap. It is a limited time offer so now it is...
  10. @tealcavalon

    Service Services offered - everything Linux/IPTV related

    @tealcavalon has added a new Service. Hi there! Are you looking for help starting your IPTV service, or maybe making a existing one more secure? Have you been hacked? Do you have ISP's blocks in countries like Portugal, Turkey or the UK? I'm the man for the job, I'm 40 years old and I'm a...
  11. Ian

    Selling Cockpit: OTTRun XCIPTV & VPN Panel

    I have added XCIPTV & OTTRun VPN to the Cockpit list. Fully working with all versions of the OTTRun XCIPTV and OTTRun VPN apps (including the new LicenceV4 'LicV4' [724+]). All available features working as expected and function with all applications. Demo URL: Demo...
  12. F

    Question Guide smarters panel v3

    Good evening everyone. I downloaded smarters panel v3 and one of the apps posted here. I can not understand how to use the panel in the zip there is neither an exe it an apk.
  13. @tealcavalon

    Tutorial Import multiple TV Series & episodes

    @tealcavalon submitted a new resource: Import multiple TV Series & episodes - This will FIX several XtreamUI mods that don't accepted importing several M3U at once Read more about this resource...
  14. G

    Resource 2GPlay and Panel Full Libs

    Gizmo submitted a new resource: 2g-Play and Panel Full Libs - 2g-Play and Panel Read more about this resource...
  15. F

    NANOMID Player

    for smart tv i recommend this player. Paid but it works really well.
  16. wagman

    Resource Smarters Gold V2

    wagman submitted a new resource: Smarters Gold V2 - Smarters Gold V2 Credit to Dr. Doppler for the app and i believe FYEO also and G-Man for the Icons Read more about this resource...
  17. Anto101

    Question Help needed!

    Hi everyone. Looking for a little help. I can't for the life of me remember where the orange bar in 1 attached image and the red bar in the other image are located to edit the colours. I know they are not in color.xml but are in a xml somewhere. If anyone can help it is greatly appreciated...
  18. T

    Resource IPTV-EDIT.exe (edit and organize your m3u)

    techyboy submitted a new resource: IPTV-EDIT.exe (edit and organize your m3u) - IPTV Tool Read more about this resource...
  19. T

    Resource IPTV Smarters Custom Design Hardcoded Single DNS

    techyboy submitted a new resource: IPTV Smarters Custom Design Hardcoded Single DNS - IPTV Player Read more about this resource...
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