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  1. domi1982

    Hi from Spain

    Hi from Spain. My name is Domi and I join you as I have seen many interesting things in this forum (congratulations to the administrators). I have a question that I have been reading but I am not clear... I enter a post and many of us need credits, bonuses... and I have been investigating but I...
  2. B

    Resource Ibo player4k+ panel

    betotun submitted a new resource: Ibo player4k+ panel - ibo Read more about this resource...
  3. F

    Question Guide smarters panel v3

    Good evening everyone. I downloaded smarters panel v3 and one of the apps posted here. I can not understand how to use the panel in the zip there is neither an exe it an apk.
  4. T

    Resource Stream Tool Master for Restreaming or Transcoding

    techyboy submitted a new resource: Stream Tool Master for Restreaming or Transcoding - Transcoder Read more about this resource...
  5. Anto101

    Question Smarters With ads from panel

    Come on people... we all know someone in here has the new Smarters with ads from panel as seen in the image below. Get it posted so we can all enjoy it for a couple of days. šŸ¤£
  6. T

    Resource ANSX XCIPTV with Panel , Intro Video Working

    techyboy submitted a new resource: ANSX XCIPTV with Panel , Intro Video Working - IPTV Player Read more about this resource...
  7. N

    Resource Filimplus APK ( Update Jan 1st )

    Filimplus Some how I was fiddling with the api on this apk after it stopped working , I cant remember because of many beers what I did but here it is with an install video. The full version on the site you have to pay to unlock the multi download and stream options. After the update these...
  8. Anto101

    Question Smarters v3 VODONLY (MOVIES & SERIES)

    Does anyone have a good vod only smarters v3 app they can share please. Not one with live section edited to 24/7 just needs movies and series. Preferably above 3.0.1 I have a copy but whoever's it is has broken the player and causes app to force close when user plays anything Thank you.
  9. VDesigns

    Resource VDesigns XCIPTV Manager

    VDesigns submitted a new resource: VDesigns XCIPTV Manager - VDesigns XCIPTV Manager Read more about this resource...
  10. one.tv

    Tutorial [HowTo] XtreamUI 22F Installation

    This gives You the possibility to install the original version of XtreamUI v22f Mainserver + LB Installation Script *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  11. A

    bit miffed

    ok joined from start payed my vip Ā£55 for three months am now starting to wonder why daily i think oh that looks good and i cant download anything as i dont have any credits i know you will say the only option is to go svip but thats alot of money to pay in these times so just wondered is their...
  12. Pinky


    Pinky submitted a new resource: SMARTERS V3 CUSTOM - SMARTERS V3 5 DNS HARDCODE (STAGGGERED LAYOUT) Read more about this resource...
  13. Lowkeys760

    Resource Smarters Web TV Player 2.0 with admin panel included

    Lowkeys760 submitted a new resource: Smarters Web TV Player 2.0 with admin panel included - Web Player Read more about this resource...
  14. A

    Question xciptv video problem

    ok have downloaded various intro.mp4 and also made my own have changed the following switch SplashVideoActivity to SplashActivity and vise versa added mp 4 and saved yet every time i run app i get cannot play this video any ideas please
  15. A


    have paid vip downloaded a file 2 days ago all ok tried to download one today and it says i need 100 credits to download
  16. Anto101

    Question Decryption of panels

    Hi all. I know there is some very good heads in here that can work magic like no others... just out of Interest, If I have a encrypted panel that I need decrypting would anyone here be able to provide such a service and if so how much we talking? Thanks ;)
  17. R

    Resource WhitakerTV Hardcode

    RyuleDreg submitted a new resource: WhitakerTV Hardcode - This is WhitakerTV (Records) Read more about this resource...
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